Thursday, 27 May 2010

AGN004 - Vincent Kuhner - "Hiatus"

RELEASE DATE: 27th May 2010
ALBUM GENRES: Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Field Recordings
PHOTOGRAPHY: Photograph take by the artist. Text and album image work done by Jonathan Lees
(1) First (4:28)
(2) Second (2:17)
(3) Third (2:39)
(4) Fourth (4:36)
Our next release is this four track E.P from a Greek artist called Vincent Kuhner, who has lived in London for the last two years. He is also responsible for running the Felt Collective label, which served as the platform from which his first album, the lengthily titled 'No Minute Gone Comes Ever Back Again Take Heed And See Ye Nothing Do In Vain' was released in April earlier this year.Vincent Kuhner has been experimenting with ambient music production over the last four years, honing his craft working towards releasing his debut and preparing a follow up for this. 'Hiatus' is the follow up to his first release as an artist and is now available for free download here on the Audio Gourmet netlabel.The E.P is comprised of four numbered pieces, chronologically ordered and each with its own unique character.
These have been titled with numbers to withhold any obvious conceptual theme, thus allowing you as a listener to unfold your own thoughts and ideas as you listen.The first and last piece on this piece are epic drone soundscapes, drenched in effects and tiny detail. 'Two' is a short field recording and 'three' is the most experimental, fusing fuzzy undertones with quirky chord stabs.This is an excellent follow up to Vincent Kuhner's debut release and serves as an example of the kind of high quality experimental ambient music we can expect to hear from him in the future.

LINKS AND FURTHER READING: Download Vincent Kuhner's original full album here. Plus, there is plenty of information on Felt as a collective. Here is a post from Fluid Radio about that first release. Myspace page for Vincent Kuhner

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