Monday, 17 May 2010

AGN003 - Damian Valles - "In The Shadow Of The Occluding Body"

RELEASE DATE: 17th May 2010
ALBUM GENRES: Electro Acoustic, Drone, Ambient
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jonathan Lees ( Jonathan also runs the Hibernate label:
(1) Umbra (8:55)
(2) Penumbra (Nearly There) (6:05)

For the next 15 minute E.P, we welcome Damian Valles to our catalog with a pair of gloomy electro-acoustic dronescapes.Damian has had releases out on Under The Spire, his own imprint Rural Route and more recently, the stunning 'Bow Echoes' which is available for free download on Resting Bell. Damian is a multi-instrumentalist from Canada and throughout his discography you will find that he is more than capable of producing various types of electro-acoustic/ambient music to a very high quality. A testament to this is the fact that 'Bow Echoes' has surpassed the 30,000 download count!
For his E.P on Audio Gourmet 'In The Shadows Of The Occluding Body', Valles has explored darker territory than in previous releases. Throughout this atmospheric 2 track journey, the overall listening experience is riddled with a sense of doom as Damian explores an array of carefully sculpted guitar-based drone textures.
This really is an excellent peice of work and we are extremely pleased to be able to bring it to your ears through Audio Gourmet. The fact that Damian Valles has released an E.P through the Audio Gourmet netlabel collection hints that we mean business as a label - long may we continue to present you work from artists of this calibre!

LINKS AND FURTHER READING: Click here to see Damian's Myspace page and keep up to date with his work. Damian also runs the Rural Route imprint on Standard Form - a collection of 3" CDs. His own release can be purchased from this link. Be sure to download yourself a copy of Damian's Resting Bell release 'Bow Echoes'. This is likely to be one of the best netlabel releases of all time and simply cannot be missed. Just this weekend passed, Damian put together his second mix for Fluid Radio. Visit here to listen to an excellent mix that features 'Umbra' from this E.P as the starting track... Like a lot of artists these days, Damian keeps listeners up to date with his works on Soundcloud


  1. hi there harry
    congrats on audiogourmetnetlabel
    I'm always coming here
    just great you've been releasing such nuggets


  2. "Just checked this piece, some great textures in there! I am quite impressed with this one. A little dark and haunting, but it really holds my interest" (Brandon Lewis, The Nature Of Light)

  3. Damian's stuff is great.
    I am working on a piece that may be appropriate for Audio Gourmet...

    Let me know if you are interested.
    You can check out my work at

    This one would be an "azwarm" release if you are interested.