Thursday, 27 May 2010

AGN004 - Vincent Kuhner - "Hiatus"

RELEASE DATE: 27th May 2010
ALBUM GENRES: Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Field Recordings
PHOTOGRAPHY: Photograph take by the artist. Text and album image work done by Jonathan Lees
(1) First (4:28)
(2) Second (2:17)
(3) Third (2:39)
(4) Fourth (4:36)
Our next release is this four track E.P from a Greek artist called Vincent Kuhner, who has lived in London for the last two years. He is also responsible for running the Felt Collective label, which served as the platform from which his first album, the lengthily titled 'No Minute Gone Comes Ever Back Again Take Heed And See Ye Nothing Do In Vain' was released in April earlier this year.Vincent Kuhner has been experimenting with ambient music production over the last four years, honing his craft working towards releasing his debut and preparing a follow up for this. 'Hiatus' is the follow up to his first release as an artist and is now available for free download here on the Audio Gourmet netlabel.The E.P is comprised of four numbered pieces, chronologically ordered and each with its own unique character.
These have been titled with numbers to withhold any obvious conceptual theme, thus allowing you as a listener to unfold your own thoughts and ideas as you listen.The first and last piece on this piece are epic drone soundscapes, drenched in effects and tiny detail. 'Two' is a short field recording and 'three' is the most experimental, fusing fuzzy undertones with quirky chord stabs.This is an excellent follow up to Vincent Kuhner's debut release and serves as an example of the kind of high quality experimental ambient music we can expect to hear from him in the future.

LINKS AND FURTHER READING: Download Vincent Kuhner's original full album here. Plus, there is plenty of information on Felt as a collective. Here is a post from Fluid Radio about that first release. Myspace page for Vincent Kuhner

Monday, 17 May 2010

AGN003 - Damian Valles - "In The Shadow Of The Occluding Body"

RELEASE DATE: 17th May 2010
ALBUM GENRES: Electro Acoustic, Drone, Ambient
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jonathan Lees ( Jonathan also runs the Hibernate label:
(1) Umbra (8:55)
(2) Penumbra (Nearly There) (6:05)

For the next 15 minute E.P, we welcome Damian Valles to our catalog with a pair of gloomy electro-acoustic dronescapes.Damian has had releases out on Under The Spire, his own imprint Rural Route and more recently, the stunning 'Bow Echoes' which is available for free download on Resting Bell. Damian is a multi-instrumentalist from Canada and throughout his discography you will find that he is more than capable of producing various types of electro-acoustic/ambient music to a very high quality. A testament to this is the fact that 'Bow Echoes' has surpassed the 30,000 download count!
For his E.P on Audio Gourmet 'In The Shadows Of The Occluding Body', Valles has explored darker territory than in previous releases. Throughout this atmospheric 2 track journey, the overall listening experience is riddled with a sense of doom as Damian explores an array of carefully sculpted guitar-based drone textures.
This really is an excellent peice of work and we are extremely pleased to be able to bring it to your ears through Audio Gourmet. The fact that Damian Valles has released an E.P through the Audio Gourmet netlabel collection hints that we mean business as a label - long may we continue to present you work from artists of this calibre!

LINKS AND FURTHER READING: Click here to see Damian's Myspace page and keep up to date with his work. Damian also runs the Rural Route imprint on Standard Form - a collection of 3" CDs. His own release can be purchased from this link. Be sure to download yourself a copy of Damian's Resting Bell release 'Bow Echoes'. This is likely to be one of the best netlabel releases of all time and simply cannot be missed. Just this weekend passed, Damian put together his second mix for Fluid Radio. Visit here to listen to an excellent mix that features 'Umbra' from this E.P as the starting track... Like a lot of artists these days, Damian keeps listeners up to date with his works on Soundcloud

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

AGN002 - Darren Harper "Momentary" E.P

RELEASE DATE: 11th May 2010
ALBUM GENRES: Ambient, Drone, Field Recordings
PHOTOGRAPHY:Jonathan Lees ( Jonathan also runs the Hibernate label:
(1) Fields and Glass (6:39)
(2) Leaves and Piano (8:13)

For the second Audio Gourmet release, we welcome talented American ambient artist Darren Harper to our roster. Darren has had (3?) albums out on the Earth Mantra netlabel to date ( and another due out this month. He's also got work out on and collaborates with Jacob Newman under the guise Frequent Sync. To assist his forthcoming full album release on Earth Mantra, he has treated us to this exceptional E.P of top drawer ambient music.
First up, 'Fields and Glass' serves as the darker half of the E.P, fusing environmental field recordings from the far east with a complex and eerie drone. Darren used these open-source field recordings as part of an 'unconscious collaboration' with his unsuspecting studio partner to tap in to the recording environment, by adding his own atmospheric interpretation of the recorded events. There are a lot of open-source sounds available from around the world and it is fascinating to think that these recorded fragments of time can be used freely for artistic expression by artists that have never met the person behind the source.
The second track on the E.P is entitled 'Leaves and Piano' and features a delicate looped piano composition with restful drone accents. This piece is incredibly beautiful and its flowing, subtle repetition of the piano loop guides the mind to a lulling meditative state.

Darren Harper is a highly talented artist and a name to watch out for. His work continues to better itself with each release; Audio Gourmet is delighted to include this magnificent E.P to its catalog of releases. Enjoy...

LINKS AND FURTHER READING: Darren runs a blog site, chronicling is music-making adventures. Here you can find more information and links to his Earth Mantra work. Darren's just set up a Myspace page - please add him to stay up to date with his projects For more information on his collaboration project 'Frequent Sync' with Jacob Newman, visit this link.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


RELEASE DATE: 4th May 2010
ALBUM GENRES: Electro-acoustic, Ambient, Field Recordings
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jonathan Lees ( Jonathan also runs the Hibernate label:
(1) Rusting (6:08)
(2) Stalling (3:54)
(3) Brittle (4:56)
"The first release on the Audio Gourmet netlabel is from label owner Harry Towell under his Spheruleus guise. As Spheruleus, Harry has recently had a limited-run CD album released on Under The Spire ( and has another forthcoming on Hibernate ( fifteen minute E.P showcases his typical production approach and sits somewhere in between the different styles of sound design to be heard on these two CD label releases. For the Rust E.P, Harry has fused treated instrument takes of zither, vibraphone, guitar, trumpet and harmonica with drones and field recordings. The mood of the E.P is light and mellow; designed as an audio representation of the rust process. It would have been all too easy to portray this with a much darker approach to sound art, but instead the pieces sound as if content to 'rust' away slowly as time elapses. The process of rusting is a slow and subtle degradation of a building, vehicle or object as it gradually head towards uselessness. This ageing process sits in line with the ephemoral existence of the physical human being and in many ways, our metallic creations reflect our own temporary lifespan. The very nature of ephemorality can be a saddening and daunting fact but when accepted, the mere simplicity of existence can be truly savoured for what it is.Don't be bogged down with the unnecessary clutter that we humans weigh ourselves down with and enjoy one of life's most basic yet vital requirements - to draw breath and exist."

For the last couple of years, Harry has run the Audio Gourmet blog which follows his music taste closely and serves as a window of information about the ambient music scene. Posts inform of his own production work, mixes, events and features a monthly music reviews section.
Feel free to add Spheruleus on Myspace at the above link.
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