Friday, 30 April 2010

Audio Gourmet Netlabel Music/Submission Policy

This post will outline some rough guidelines for the music policy of the Audio Gourmet Netlabel. I don't want it to be overly strict or regimented - I just feel there are a couple of things that need to be cleared up at this stage:

Music that either fit somewhere under the following genres:
Ambient, Soundscapes, Drone, Sound Design, Electro-Acoustic, Acoustic, Modern Classical, Tape/Loop manipulations, Acoustic Gloom, Avant-Garde Minimalism, Musique Concrete, Field Recordings, Phonography, Experimental/Ambient Jazz, Experimental/Abstract Folk, Glitch (Ambient Based)

Dance or IDM music, Anything with a beat arrangement - percussion and drum sections to be loose and undefined. This doesn't necessarily mean I am against these styles of music - it's just not the direction I want the label to go down I'm afraid.

  • Albums/E.Ps mustn't be a second over 15 minutes, but may be up to a minute shorter if necessary. Aim for that 15 minute timeframe when writing/compiling the record.
  • No less than two tracks for the album/E.P - I want to try and keep the pieces no longer than 7 minutes so that there's a chance that people can use them in mixes. No single long form drones are arrangements please. Not that I don't enjoy listening to them mind!
  • mp3 quality to be 320kbps. My computer has hardly any space left, so try to encode your work ready for release for me, rather than sending over massive WAV files.
  • If you have artwork then send it over and it can be used if suitable.
  • Write a short paragraph about the concept of your work, or maybe a brief overview of yourself as an artist. I'll write a few words about each release too. I can also post links to any current releases you have out or anything else you'd like to promote.
  • When a release is out, I'll make sure I put in a fair bit of work to get it promoted. Anything you as the artist can do to help promote the work too will help drum up some interest.

If you have anything to send for consideration, email me at

I'll take a listen and get back to you either way. There may be a wait as we start to build a release schedule, but I should be able to get albums out pretty quickly as they will of course be short and quick to upload



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